Ameliorate Health & Wellbeing where feeling good trumps looking good any day!



We think it’s really important to understand and embrace our client’s starting point, everyone is unique and comes to Ameliorate with their own story and own goals. We work on a progressive active plan for each client.


Our client’s lifestyles matter to us and we work hard to help implement an active plan that will work for and with their lifestyle rather than against it. If it’s important and a priority to our clients – then it’s important to us!


We understand that every client is different and what works for one may not work for another. We encourage our clients to take control and own their journeys and we walk right beside them every step of the way!


We provide functional active exercise sessions that are fun, empowering and achievable. We accommodate to all abilities, capabilities and to how our clients are feeling that day. We believe in the power of movement!


From the moment our clients step through the doors at Ameliorate they are seen, understood, heard, valued and are known by name. At Ameliorate we don’t offer just another fitness session – it’s the complete experience!


We do things differently at Ameliorate Health & Wellbeing;

We believe that feeling good trumps looking good any day - Our vision is a world where when you look in the mirror it makes you smile; not because of what you look like but because of how you feel!